Environmental DNA evidence of transfer of North Sea molluscs across tropical waters through ballast water

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Aquaculture and the spread of introduced mussel genes in British Columbia

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Detecting nuisance species using NGST: Methodology short comings and possible application in ballast water monitoring.

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Impacts of supplementation aquaculture on the genetic diversity of wild Ruditapes decussatus from northern Spain

  • Referencia y año: Aquaculture Environment Interactions 6(3): 241-254; 2015
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Genetic diversity and connectivity patterns of harvested and aquacultured molluscs in estuaries from Asturias (northern Spain). Implications for management strategies

  • Referencia y año: Aquaculture Research 03/2015
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Aliens in Paradise. Boat density and exotic coastal mollusks in Moorea Island (French Polynesia)

  • Referencia y año: Marine Environmental Research. In Press.
  • Autores: Ardura, S. Planes, E. Garcia-Vazquez 

eDNA and species-specific primers for early detection – a case study on the bivalve Rangia cuneata, currently spreading in Europe

  • Referencia y año: Marine Environmental Research. Under review
  • Autores: Ardura, A. Zaiko, J.L. Martinez, A. Samuiloviene, A. Semenova, E. Garcia-Vazquez 

Food Control and a Citizen Science approach for improving teaching of Genetics in Universities

  • Referencia y año: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (Under review).
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Life long learning and engagement in citizen science

  • Referencia y año: Public Understanding Of Science. Manuscript ID: PUS-14-0153 (Under review)
  • Autores: E. Dopico, A. Ardura, Y.J. Borrell, L. Miralles, E. Garcia-Vazquez

Morphological and molecular methods revealed that the Asian algae Grateloupia imbricata (Halymeniaceae) is already present on shores of the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay)

  • Referencia y año: Phycologia (Under review).
  • Autores: M Montes, JM Rico, E García-Vázquez, YJ. Borrell.

DNA Barcoding for assessment of exotic mollusks associated with maritime ports in northern Iberia

  • Referencia y año: Marine Biology Research. Accepted.
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Metabarcoding approach for non-indigeneous species surveillance in marine coastal waters

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