Ocean Observatory of Asturias

The Observatorio Marino de Asturias (OMA) is a strategic aggregation of research groups within the Univ. Oviedo and of several infrastructures related the observation and monitoring of the marine ecosystem off the Central Cantabrian Coast. Although it has been recently formed as such, its components have been conducting sampling and monitoring of plankton, benthos, physics, chemistry, and genetics since the early 80's, with abundant production of reports, top-rated publications and thesis and active involvement in research projects at national and international level.


  • International Workshop BluePorts 2019 Gijón, 5 de diciembre, 2019


    BluePorts 2019 is an INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP for Port Stakeholders, Researchers, Managers, Teachers, Students and Citizens concerned about a subject of hot topicality: Biologically Safe Ports. It is organized by the Marine Observatory of Asturias, Spain, The Gijon Port Authority and the University of Oviedo Foundation and is coordinated by Prof. Yaisel J. Borrell (University of Oviedo) and Prof. Eduardo Dopico (University of Oviedo) under the Scientific Direction of Prof. Eva Garcia-Vazquez (University of Oviedo).

  • Documental Albatross y mesa redonda sobre plásticos


    Hoy en la Facultad de Biología, proyección del afamado documental de Chris Jordan y mesda redonda sobre el problema de los plásticos en el medio ambiente con responsables, expertos y ONGs

  • Sylvia Earle conversa con los alumnos del IMBRSea


    La Premio Princesa de Asturias de la Concordia 2018 Sylvia Earle conversa con los alumnos del International Master in Marine Biological Resources de la Universidad de Oviedo durante su charla en el Teatro Armando Palacio Valdés de Avilés el miércoles 17 de Octubre