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International Workshop BluePorts 2019 Gijón, 5 de diciembre, 2019


BluePorts 2019 is an INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP for Port Stakeholders, Researchers, Managers, Teachers, Students and Citizens concerned about a subject of hot topicality: Biologically Safe Ports. It is organized by the Marine Observatory of Asturias, Spain, The Gijon Port Authority and the University of Oviedo Foundation and is coordinated by Prof. Yaisel J. Borrell (University of Oviedo) and Prof. Eduardo Dopico (University of Oviedo) under the Scientific Direction of Prof. Eva Garcia-Vazquez (University of Oviedo).

 WhyBluePorts 2019?

Preventing the introduction of invasive alien species is one of the main lines of action envisaged by the European Commission in the upcoming EU blue growth strategy. The introduction of these organisms in ports, coastal areas and watersheds is damaging aquatic ecosystems all around the world, with estimated direct costs of many millions of dollars spent on monitoring, prevention of spread and remediation of the ecosystems.
Invasions by marine non-indigenous species (NIS) are thus one of the greatest threats to biodiversity and to sustainable blue economies. Ports are the main entry gates of exotic biota in European waters, principally through biofouling and ballast water. The EU Port Reception Facility directive obliges ports to provide adequate port reception facilities to ships delivering waste in ports. Within this aim it is necessary to design, test and demonstrate the “ideal” Port Reception Facility and services for oiled and ballast water (as first concern). The goal is to create awareness and motivation within the maritime community to stop discharges at sea by designing in consensus the "Blue Port Services".  These strategies should involve not only port stakeholders but the whole society. However, despite all the available knowledge about NIS detection and prevention strategies they are far away of being effectively implemented within the Ports. Besides this, deficiencies of communication and support between the Ports and their neighbor cities and citizens have been identified.

In this scenario,BluePorts 2019invites Academics, Port Authorities, Stakeholders and Citizens to present and discuss their initiatives and experiences with the aim of evolvingfrom Ports to BluePortsbeyond 2020.

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