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A 2 nautical miles from the port of Cudillero, coordinates 43⁰36'0.00 "N 6⁰07'58.80" O is anchored buoy marine monitoring WatchMate-DM 1.8 (1.8 WMTB DM) AXYS (Sidmar).

The WatchMate buoy AXYS is a multipurpose buoy ocean-weather, specifically designed for measurements of directional waves and ocean-meteorological parameters. It is equipped with a wide range of sensors for monitoring the climate, air, water quality and flows, among other parameters.

Its construction and design features are suitable to withstand the extreme conditions that can occur in both open ocean, deep water, and coastal waters. Its dimensions and stability allow approaches and certain maintenance operations in situ (ie meteorological sensors change, cleaning and calibration of water quality sensors, etc.).

Stability and seaworthiness allows several miles towing operations; thus, depending on the distance to the anchor and sea state is not always necessary to lift the buoy on board a ship for transport to land or anchor point. This allows a small boat eventually use for certain services and maintenance tasks sensor we conducted routinely every 2 or 3 months.

Given the long-term life buoy hull AXYS WMTB 1.8 DM (over 15 years following maintenance procedures recommended by AXYS), left open the possibility of future expansions and additions of new sensors and other transmission systems, other than those currently supported.

The buoy is equipped with meteorological sensors, water quality and oceanographic: orientation and position sensor, wind (speed and direction), relative humidity, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, directional wave sensor, doppler current profiler, and probe multiparameter water quality (including sensors. pH, redox potential, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll and cyanobacteria also includes a (Satlantic SUNA) nitrate sensor.

The buoy is used to record, process and transmit meteorological and oceanographic data in real time via telemetry based on GSM / GPRS, which are processed in our database and published via the web every hour. Currently data of waves, currents and weather are published. Later data from other sensors will be published. It has a satellite telemetry system, as system security and surveillance position (Watchcircle) based on the INMARSAT D + satellite.